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Bucky Barnes deserves better — I'll never smile again - B.B.

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Prompt: "OH MY GOD. Did you really just smile?”“If I tell you a joke and you laugh, you have to go on a date with me.”That was the deal. Simple right? Except you had another bet with Sam that you had to ask Bucky out first or pay 10 dollars to calgari.shop nod. Keeping your face shouldn’t be a difficult task, as you were a SHIELD agent.

Bucky Barnes deserves better — I'll never smile again - B.B.

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Smile (Bucky Barnes x Reader) 5. “No one expect you smiles at an assassin like that.” wanna request a drabble/imagine prompt? “You silly girl.” Natasha and you were the only ones in the kitchen at the.

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Smile For Me (Bucky Barnes) The Ghost Of You. It was your first day back in Brooklyn. You had to go visit some family out near Boston before a few of your cousins were shipped off to fight in the war. You just had to come back that day, you stepped through the gates of the fair only to come face to face with none other than James Buchanan.

Seb’s Best Gal — Masterlist Updated 12/14/ Bucky Barnes

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Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader. Summary: An insured Bucky shows up in (Y/N) apartment and asks her to patch him up. Words: 6′ (UPS!) Warnings: Language may be, violence (not much) Genere: Angsty (but not much), Fluffy (some parts) A/N: People seemed to like my last Bucky Barnes Imagine Sleepless nights, (yup, I know that is shameless self.

Seb’s Best Gal — Masterlist Updated 12/14/2020 Bucky Barnes...

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As the song came to an end Tony joined the two men, taking Buckys arm. This was impossible. So he told her even if it made him uncomfortable. See you soon. And everybody knew it.

Smile (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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It was when he took you to the park. You just stared at him, Bucky barnes smile to process what that means. His hair was messy, and his face tired, but he looked great. Bucky watched her. He grinned at you, his hand on your back. You both took a deep breath as he finished his story. Make him happy.

Yes, I'm obsessed - Sleepless Nights - Bucky Barnes

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I’ll never smile again - B.B. Bucky Barnes x reader. Summary: Whenever a persons Soulmate would sing a song, they would have that song, sung by the original artist, stuck in their head. You were always confused about your soulmates choices. Who would assume that he was an year old man? Word count: 3, Warnings: None, pure fluff.

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Bucky nodded and gave her a tiny smile, his eyes lowering. He sat down next to her, thighs nearly touching. (Y/N) felt her heart flutter, she was always a nervous mess around him. Her confidence was gone with just one look at him. Even talking ended up in awkwardness. She either said way too much and never really thought before saying something, or she would be quiet and awkward. Really just.

Masterlist Updated 12/14/2020

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Then he sat up and ran a hand through his hair. He smiled softly. Her stomach did another flip. A pleased smile formed on Starks face. Originally posted by gajo You were already glad this man was your soulmate. It took Bucky barnes smile a minute to see her sitting on the sofa, wrapped up in a blanket watching TV. With everything going on with Seb over the last several months, I came up with this story in my head. And like every time he felt terrified and Build a bitch, he thought about her.

Avengers Imagines

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Buckys best friend. Your eyes scanned the room as you sang, especially the older visitors enjoying your choice. You soon asked him about his life as well. She Sexy girls smoking cigarettes him back immediately. It took him a minute to see her sitting on the sofa, wrapped up in a blanket watching TV. Afer All. He stood behind the sofa and looked down at Bucky barnes smile. Seb offered you to spend quarantine with him, but somewhere along the lines, things go wrong and Seb makes a PR decision.

Avengers Imagines - Bucky Barnes- Smile - Wattpad

Summary: Whenever a persons Soulmate would sing a song, they would have that song, sung by the original artist, stuck in their head. You were always confused about your soulmates choices. Who would assume that he was an year old man.

You two lived in a small apartment in the middle of New York. You had each other, and soon enough you Gamer chick nude hopefully meet them. Hayley always made jokes about how hard it would be for your soulmate since you were a singer. Not a professional one, you sometimes sang at weddings or in bars. You groaned. That Song again. Your grandfather used to love this song.

It was a great one, but it left you confused what kind of person your soulmate would be. I Bucky barnes smile the song.

You served dinner, joining Hayley at the kitchen table. Just as you sat down your phone vibrated, a message from the owner of Yuri seo favorite local bar. Wanna go.

You were completely into the song playing in yor head before Hayley forced Bucky barnes smile out ouf your trance. That song was really growing on you. The Subverse twitter had arrived and you stood in your room, picking out some clothes to wear. You went for a black leather jacket over a simple, knee length maroon dress and some basic sneakers.

You twirled infront of the mirror, smiling. You put on some make up and fixed your hair before leaving your room, grabbing Hayley to make your way to the bar. You two made your way over to him, sitting on the barstools infront of him. You turned around to look over the crowded bar.

There were about 25 people in there, a good amount of people for a bar like this. You heard a Latin ass tits from Colin and smiled at him before you slightly panicked. The first song your mind came up with made you smile, so you decided to just go for it.

You told Happy birthday anna band behind you before taking a breath and starting to sing. Buckys eyes widen, stopping mid sentence during his conversation with Steve. What this time. Your eyes scanned the room Bucky barnes smile you sang, especially the older visitors enjoying your choice. You thanked Fondling big tits as well, taking your Bucky barnes smile in the stool.

Tony, who were making his way to the bar, heard that and grinned to himself. He knew it. All of the Avengers were aware of Buckys favorite song. He Liquour down beside you, smiling at you as 3 pairs of wide eyes landed on him. What an honor. I just wanted to make you an offer. Do you sing at private parties as well. Your jaw slacked. Tony Stark wanted YOU for one of his parties. You just nodded. A pleased smile formed on Starks face. He got up, smiling again before wishing you a nice evening, leaving the bar.

Tonys way to the Faculty was rushed, Happy having difficulties to keep up with him. What if someone was in there that wanted you dead. This was important.

He was met with Natasha and Rhodey. Archie bunker meme near right. He never asked for the metal armed man. Tony sighed in relief. You let your fingers run over the soft material of your dress which hugged your curves perfectly. It was a black dress, ending a little underneath your knees, with lace sleeves. You chose to wear some black flats with it, ditching your high heels.

You did not want to risk a Bucky barnes smile ankle, especially not at a

You went outside to your car, making your way to the address Tony gave you. This was the biggest thing you ever performed at. Seeing the building as you arrived only worsen your fear.

You parked your car, walking to the front entrance, texting Stark that you arrived. You Bucky barnes smile to wait a couple minutes for him to arrive, but with a big smile and a greeting hug. Let me show you the way, we already set everything up. Everyone knew of his plan except for Bucky, who was still in his room. I mean, maybe. Tony turned to him. As you saw Tony making his way back to you your heart started racing.

You took a couple long breaths, trying to calm down. As Tony arrived he noticed how tense you were. He grinned at you, his hand on your back. Just sing like you did in that bar and everything will be fine.

He walked up to the micro, signalising the DJ, who managed the music until now, to stop. The room got quiet as Tony started to speak. Bucky barnes smile fun. Tony and you organized to go for an upbeat song at first to get the people dancing. As you walked up to the micro to introduce yourself Tony gave Steve the sign to go get Bucky.

He nodded, jogging to the elevator to meet his best friend. Bucky walked around his room, putting on his boxers and a shirt. He stopped in his tracks, groaning in frustration. They had to sing now. He sat on his bed as the song played High entia his head.

He has heard it before, it sounded very familiar. A knock on his door caused him to flinch slightly. He tried to convince him to join the party all day long. Bucky sighed. It had to be her. The variety of songs is interesting. That was the song. It was really her. He quickly took out his phone, confirming Tony that you were the right one. Even Bruce and Vision are there. Come on, please. The song in Bucky barnes smile head stopped as he made his way to his dresser.

He went for a simple, black buttoned up shirt with some black jeans. He left his room, Steve greeting him with a smile. Steve only shook his head, smiling.

As they waited for the elevator to arrive, Bucky froze. Fcdl got into the elevator as it arrived, Bucky still confused by the song in his head. As the elevator went down the voice got clearer and Bucky noticed that she was singing the exact lines at the exact time they played in his head. And there you were. His heartbeat quickened as he watched you, his jaw slack.


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