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Forehead Slap: Sit in neutral position. Place your right palm on your forehead. Inhale. Exhale and, holding your head still, try to push your head backwards with your hand. Resist and don't let your head move. Hold for five seconds, continuing to breathe. Repeat five times. Repeat five times with left hand.

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The forehead slap smiley face which is viewed on top of this text ended up amusing and amusing indeed. Added on 11 October, ; Filename:; File size: bytes; Rated from 30 votes; 8 frames measuring 22 x 28 pixels.

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Details for forehead slap. Suggested shortcut: ;forehead hand gestures, doh, forehead slap Filename: The Forehead slap emoticon is Animated; Forehead slap icon file size: kB ()Added on 04 August, ; Last commented on 17 May, ; Emoticon Express yourself emoticons. -- Forehead Slap

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Looking for online definition of Slap head in the Medical Dictionary? Slap head explanation free. What is Slap head? Meaning of Slap head medical term. What does Slap head mean? forehead (fôr′hĕd′, -ĭd, fŏr′-) n. 1. The part of the face between the eyebrows, the normal hairline, and the temples. 2.

slap emoticon

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Anonymous said: 11 Jun ' Memes Slap. Forehead Tattoo Memes. Resist and don't let your head move.

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Memes Tentang Perjuangan Hidup. Slap Head Memes. Knee Slap Memes. Fish Slap. Shiny Forehead Memes.

Forehead slap emoticon | Free smileys and emoticons

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29/01/ · Forehead Slap Memes images and text to transmit social and cultural ideas to one another. These can be images of anything, including people, animals, signs, and symbols. You can instantaneously Forehead Slap Memes pictures to share on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.4,6/5(3,2K).

slap emoticon

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If you and your team discovered an application with a score anywhere between 23 and 25, that’s a forehead slap! Talk to your CFO or the other folks holding the purse strings. They like numbers and will appreciate your efforts to quantify investments so objectively. Check out this short clip from yesterday about “return on value.”.

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To use the Forehead slap icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:. Slap in the Face. Facepalm gesture. Slap Forehead Memes. Pix Words Memes. Backhand Pimp Slap Memes. Memes Slap. Memes Forehead slap Perjuangan Hidup. Death Star Coffee Memes.

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Flags September Sansa Slap Memes. Small Forehead Memes. Memes Orang Jelek Lucu. User comments 4 Jazmyne Forehead slap 17 May ' Backhand Pimp Slap Memes. Memes Ojitos Tiernos.

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{PARAGRAPH}{INSERTKEYS}How funky is this forehead slap graphic??. It is made with a moderately long animation. Saffron, golden yellow, creme, silver grey and silver are the Forehead slap visual colors that are present Forehead slap this smiley Forehead slap. When you find out your daughter's car, abandoned on the expressway, delaying trip by 10 hours, spent vacation car shopping-just needed oil and was not a blown engine. It's a GIF animation measuring 83 by 80 pixels and has colors. To use the Forehead slap icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:. We have the best smileys for facebook, Skype and Yahoo. Forehead slap Emoticon. Phew Air Kiss. Emoticons like Forehead slap: Doh. Facepalm gesture. Slap in the Face. Dope Slap. Walking and Thinking. Trout Slap. Thinking Hard. Fish Slap. McDonald's slap. User comments 4 Jazmyne said: 17 May ' Forehead Slap Emoji said: 12 Oct ' Anonymous said: 11 Jun ' Anonymous said: 28 Jun ' Related Pages: Emoticon fb com smiley hug and kiss smiley flirty faces Show frame details frame size time colors 1 Bayonetta legs 0 2 43x30 0 61 3 0x0 0 1 4 0x0 0 1 5 0x0 0 1 6 43x30 0 64 7 79x59 0 8 83x80 0 9 83x69 0 10 34x60 0 81 11 30x16 0 38 12 30x15 0 38 13 27x19 0 42 14 34x56 0 81 15 28x20 0 39 16 26x16 0 34 17 49x43 0 91 18 49x39 0 85 19 50x38 0 87 20 50x36 0 88 Showing 20 of 25 frames. Emoticon History Ask Us. Troll Rage. Eating Drinking Hungry Cooking and Kitchen. Bananas Dancing In the toilet Humorous. Flags September LOL Cuckold wife pic.

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