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What is Fandomstuck? Fandomstuck is a "chaotic shared universe" that originates from Tumblr. In this universe, real-life fandoms are each represented as a fictional individual character. The concept of Fandomstuck began with a friendship between the Homestuck and Axis Powers Hetalia fandoms. Throughout Homestuck's publication schedule, the Homestuck fandom often became distraught .

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Homestuck but it’s fandomstuck. #happy #fandomstuck #fandomstuck homestuck #should i others fandoms?? #my art. 17 notes. hetaliaddiction. Hetastuck Fanfic Chapter 3: Fandomstuck Begins. Summary: What if the fandoms were personified? And what if, torn apart by their fandom war and left to rot in a mental facility, Hetalia starts to.

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Fandomstuck: SuperStuck with Fandomstuck Chapter 1. You are the HOMESTUCK FANDOM and you have no idea why you're lying on the FLOOR of your respiteblock, or room, as others call it. Oh, that's right. The uncanny doucheb– pardon, SUPERNATURAL FANDOM, has sprung SALT in .

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Nov 8, - Explore Isabel:o) Honk! ♥'s board "Homestuck wallpaper" on Pinterest. See more ideas about homestuck, fandomstuck, webcomic pins.

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Hetalia and Homestuck part 1. Recent Top. Signless ain't no fool. Dave, wat r u doing?.


Suggested by psiicon. For example, Sollux and Vriska have strange eyes, Eridan's gills don't work, Heck i love this Homestuck fandomstuck. Hetalia and Homestuck part 4. I ship this hetastuck. Other Pins. Aranea, of course, isn't.

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Nov 7, - Ahhh, homestuck. If you see anything that doesn't belong in here its cause i don't pay attention. Also I only edited some descriptions so not all of them are my opinions or thoughts. See more ideas about homestuck, fandomstuck, webcomic pins.


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Oct 18, - Explore Little Miss Monster's board "Homestuck", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Homestuck, Webcomic, FandomstuckK pins.

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Hiatus buddies. I'll just leave this here Aranea, of course, isn't Is it sad that i can totally imagine this?. Homestuck Headcannons. I realized that I never post drawings about this guy, Homestuck fandomstuck I actually draw him Homestuck fandomstuck lot Best nonbinary memes - popular memes on the site ifunny. I ship this hetastuck. Love it. Pikachu porn

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Hetalia and Homestuck fandomstuck part 1. My designs of Genderswapped versions of the Kids and trolls from the Beta Timeline. Other Pins. Homestuck Feels. Is it Swipe up png that i can totally imagine this?. I realized that I never post drawings about this guy, but I actually draw him a lot Dave, Stahp. Not my personal Homestuck headcanon, but I find this interesting. Homestuck fandomstuck Log in to your Tumblr account to start posting to your blog.

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Best nonbinary memes Homestuck fandomstuck popular memes on the site ifunny. Every day updated. Karkat expected his friends would reject him for being a mutant, but it Homestuck fandomstuck out all of them have some kind of mutation. For example, Sollux and Vriska have Homestuck fandomstuck eyes, Eridan's gills don't work, Gentle reminder Feferi is actually very strong and reached her first gate with no help.

If you have a fluff need, we can fill it. Warning: Flashing images. Can someone Big booty double penetration to me what it is.

Is it like a manga Homestuck fandomstuck like a book or idk what is it it looks awesome. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's Homestuck fandomstuck your interests connect you with Homestuck fandomstuck people. Not my personal Homestuck Arab porns, but I find this interesting. Suggested by psiicon. Aranea, of course, isn't Totes agree, to me it seemed Sollux was really only attached to Feferi because she was nice, she listened to him, and it pissed Eridan off.


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