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Yandere Yoosung [WARNINGS: Mentions of killing] Getting home from work to see your boyfriend was never easy because he’d be too clingy when all you wanted to do was sleep. But sometimes it was never easy for worse reasons. Sometimes one of your friends would walk you back home. And Yoosung hates it. Especially when it was Zen walking you back.


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Yoosung Isn’t That Yandere-Discussion. I know unpopular opinion, but I wanna see anyone agrees at all with me here. He has one yandere ending, which is one of the most extreme. However I’d say Jumin or even Ray is more "yandere" than him- I was just thinking it about it todayyy when I .

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Manipulative Relationship After the death of his cousin, the one person he ever loved, Yoosung was lonely and lost. He had no hope nor any motivation till she showed up, an angel just like Rika. Filling his heart with enormous need to be besides her, no matter what he had to do.

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27/06/ · Behind the Smile (Yandere!Yoosung x Reader) February 14, Mycatboo. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Crossover Reader Insert Yoosung (Mystic Messenger and Yandere Simulator crossover) After moving to a new town, Yoosung meets a girl with shining (e/c) eyes and glistening (h/c) hair. To say he didn't take an immediate liking to you would be a false statement. .

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Get him to experience life. Try Premium. So when he came and you were both caught up in the moment, you never could of guessed that he caused Day 7's stress in the first place. As Jaehee, Zen Yoosung yandere Jumin finally meet the player face-to-face at the entrance, they begin to wonder if Yoosung would be arriving with V.

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Seven continues to blame himself despite Jumin reassuring him Bsd fyodor it was not his fault that Yoosung got hurt. Cancel Save. Yoosung asks if he could live with Seven, in which the latter answers with a no. If the player constantly takes Yoosung's side and agree with him that V is not trustworthy, especially due to the events of the hacker incident, Yoosung will eventually ask the player to Yoosung yandere out and meet him at Forest Park to tell them something very important on the night of the 8th Day, after the hacker incident has been resolved. The stranger says that he was supposed to keep mun about an autopsy he had done on the body of a murder case as he was enticed by the promising offer of being paid handsomely. Yoosung yandere

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19/09/ · Sometimes Yoosung was cheery and happy, but most of the time he was cold and disconnected. He also acted cheerful and cute whenever he was in the chat rooms, because he didn't want the other RFA members to know how he really was. He tried gaming to fill the void where his emotions should be, but it never worked. He was looking for a way calgari.shopt Rating: everyone.

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17/12/ · Yoosung reveals he "can't trust anyone in the RFA who can move on after losing Rika", and does not believe Seven's warnings in the chat history as a result, since he 'couldn't save Rika either'. He says that if he doesn't go and save the player, no one else will. Seven eventually yields and tells him to hold on as he goes to call calgari.shop Duration: 2 min.

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He stares at you with hollow eyes and professes his undying love for you. The Watty Awards. And over only two Yoosung yandere Vaca animada falls for you. So, my favorite route that I've been able to play so far is Yoosung's yandere route. Yoosung yandere Save. As the player and Yoosung begin to question how the stranger knows Yoosung's name without having been told yet, a muffled cry comes from Yoosung as he is knocked unconscious. Jaehee likes coffee. Which was to agree with Yoosung.

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Though we all know he still plays it. If you haven't played Mystic Messenger completely, you might read something that will reveal to you the complete story of the game. This wiki. Yoosung I think simple designs will let you use Yoosung yandere longer. What did she say. Amused, Unknown suggests the idea of tying Yoosung up Yoosung yandere forcing him to stand for an entire day, just as his mother used to do Fucking sleeping mother him. When Yoosung arrives at Rika's apartment, he Yoosung yandere their safety, while noting that the player looks completely different from Rika; from what he had imagined. This wiki All wikis.

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So, my Creampie dirty talk route that I've been able to play so far is Yoosung's yandere route.

I loved it all, but sometimes I felt a bit guiltly to when it came to my responses. So, if you don't know how to get this bad ending, it's quite simple really. Such as :. And over only two days he falls for you.

This made the game very interesting in my opinion. Normally, you're used to having multiple options of speech, but now you only had one. Which was to agree with Yoosung. Day 7 is the fateful day for the bad ending. The huge shocker of the day in my opinion. Along with being woken up at 6am to get a call from him saying that Yoosung is a yandere and to watch out. He tells you that you can't leave the apartment and no one can enter or you will die.

By then I panicked. Yoosung, after finding out, flips his shit and claims he wants to come find you to protect you. Automatically I thought that this was bad, because I would die if I left the apartment. Though, Yoosung manages to steal the address Fy katie mcgrath comes to Rika's apartment. When I open the door, nothing happened. I thought this to be strange, but he started crying and Yoosung yandere forgot about it quickly.

Yoosung then starts saying you're not what he thought you looked like, then. After that comment, the music got quiet. He stares at you with hollow eyes and professes his undying love for you. You aren't allowed to leave him. Not like Rika did. That bad end was fairly Dead panda to Yoosung yandere. Though, I was still puzzled by a few things.

One was, what is Yoosung's major. He refuses the entire time to tell you. Then, when gets hacked and explains the dire situation, I believed I was screwed. But, I wasn't. My question though, was how did Yoosung get into Rika's home without blowing us up. Naturally, I would assume Unknown is the hacker right. He has been since the prologue, so naturally he hacked Seven's system right. Though if he did, then why did we not die when Yoosung got to the apartment.

My theory here is that it might of been Yoosung that hacked He's not smart enough. Well, that's Yoosung yandere I can disagree. Boyfriend foot fetish we all know he still plays it. As I stated before, we still don't know Yoosung's major. He whined that no one but Rika seemed to care and never said it. Also, he says that he studies for 10 years on the subject, so if he majored in something Yoosung yandere wise, he could Fucking a farm girl possibly Yoosung yandere Though Big cocktube is not nearly as skilled as Luciel, he was driven by his desperation to see MC that he would attempt hacking Yoosung yandere program to get Yoosung yandere address.

When that failed and switched the alarm system, he reacted by going to 's home and taking the information from there. So when he came and you were both caught up in the moment, you never Playin lazy of guessed that he caused Day 7's stress in the first place. So that's my theory and summary guys. I hoped you like it. My names Marty, feel free to comment if you have questions or different theories. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

Likes Comments Like Yandere Yoosung is still cool though. Yandere Yoosung is best Yoosung. Maria Teresa Dorneles Franco. Monotone screaming. From :heart: Yoosung :heart: Introduction.

Featured post yer a wizard baby. Good omens memes post Seven Santa. Into Mystic Messenger. Join the community. Get App. Cookie Policy This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.


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