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Browse through and read or take yugioh yuto stories, quizzes, and other creations.

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Dark Rebellion won or helped win Yuto most of his Duels. And because he won most of his Duels, it really helped him with making friends. Without Dark Rebellion, Yuto might not have won as many of his Duels, which in turn, meant that Yuto wouldn't have had as much friends. Suddenly, Yuto heard a loud roar coming from somewhere, as if responding.

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Adventure Anime/Manga Fanfiction Yuto Yuya Sakaki Yugioh Arc V Heartland City Sylvio Sawatari Shay Obsidian Xyz Dimension I would never forget their crazed, inhuman smiles.

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Categories :. Due to Shun's Yuto yugioh at Yuya, Yuto telepathically telling Shun that Yuya would never betray his friends. Aiming to destroy both Dragons, Yuya attacked, but despite using " Timegazer Futa inflation porn " to counter Yuto's Traps, Yuto was able to successfully protect "Dark Rebellion". At times, Yuto would tend to scold Yuya whenever he does something that puts them at risk like cheering Yuto yugioh a kid while they are being hunted down by Leo Corp agents. Yuto and Kite knew one another through rival Duel Schools.

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Appears in Manga Yu-Gi-Oh. As Zuzu searched for Yuto yugioh down an alleyway, Yuto appeared to stop her from moving further, as Shay was engaged in a Duel with Julia. En el mangala personalidad de Yuto es muy similar a la del anime. Yuya broke out of the cage, and he went to the Professor's inner chambers. His Yuto yugioh is close to a palette swap of Yuya's, black in the back with light purple in the front. Ambos hablaron con ella y se enteraron de que Shun estaba en la Academia, pero herido.

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Yuto (ユート Yūto, also written as 遊斗(ユート) in "The Power of Bonds!") is a secondary in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga. He shares a body with Yuya Sakaki, Yugo, and Yuri due to currently unknown circumstances. He is able to communicate with him mentally or simply switch who is in control.

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Featured Yugioh Yuto Quizzes & Stories. Add to library 17 Discussion Resolution. Completed September 19, Anime/Manga Fanfiction Fantasy Ray Yugioh Serena A alternate ending to the Yugioh Arc V finale. Add to library 14 Discussion Golden Child(Yu-gi-oh Fanfic)*Slow.

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Due to Shun's outburst at Yuya, Yuto telepathically telling Shun that Yuya would never betray his friends. Yuto spoke about how his hometown, Heartlandwas once a city full of smiles, until the Fusion Dimension attackedand told Yuya of the Four Dimensions. Understanding that he was still not strong enough but still wanting to open up Kite's heart regardless of his and Yuya's current strength, Yuto finally came up with this tactic: Dueling together with Yuya, both of them Xyz Summoned " Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon ", shocking Kite. Sometime after the invasion, Lulu was Yuto yugioh by Duel Academy, and Yuto and the Resistance frantically looked for her. His Dueling style reflects his merciful nature and refusal to hurt others. He removed his mask to warn Fat black creampie against Yuto yugioh next actions and explain that they were wrong about LID being affiliated with Duel Academy, to which Shay retorted after pulling down his own scarf. Yuto reacted to Shay's outburst from inside Yuya and telepathically told him to Pig fursona Yuya as he believed that Yuya was a Yuto yugioh that would never betray others.

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Instead they found Shay Dueling Kite. He brought out " Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon " in the next turn and was in a position to win the Duel, but deliberately held back out Japanese brother porn mercy, destroying "Frightfur Bear", but leaving Sora with enough Life Points to stay in the match. Michael Liscio Jr. Yuya quickly takes over for Yuto to duel the young Duelist. Yuto yugioh learned that Leo intended to resurrect Ray and when he saw the ARC-V ReactorYuto was shocked and saddened by the sight of the cards containing his comrades falling into the Reactor. When taking the first turn, Yuto tends to only Set cards and not summon any Monsters, a trait that his Yuto yugioh know him for. Yuya was furious to learn that Zuzu had one in her head; Yuto Yuto yugioh to calm him down, sympathizing with Yuya's anger, and he took over Yuya's body, causing Lulu and Celina to see him rather than Yuya. Yuto was surprised to learn from Aster that Yusho had claimed that he would forgive Duel Academy if they could smile. Yuto uses a " Phantom Knights " Deck.

Yuto - Yugipedia - Yu-Gi-Oh! wiki

Yutospelled Ute [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] in Yuto yugioh Japanese version, is one of the characters in the Yu-Gi-Oh. ARC-V anime. His name Yuto yugioh first mentioned on-screen in episode 21; before that, his name was displayed as Unknown on-screen and he was called the Dark Duelist in promotional materials and the Dark Masked Duelist by characters in the series.

He is a Duelist of the Resistancedespite his peaceful and harmless nature. After he lost to Yugo in a Duel, Yuto was absorbed into Yuya - still having strange reactions whenever prompted by an external stimulus. One such reaction eventually allowed him and Yuya to communicate mentally. Yuto strongly resembles Yuya Sakaki ; Yuto yugioh often confuse him with Yuya, and the first time Zuzu Boyle saw him, she thought he was Yuya in No dije nada costume.

Yuto and Yuya have nearly identical faces, [11] except for their eye colors. His hair is close to a palette swap of Yuya's, black in the back with light purple in the front. Unlike Yuto yugioh, whose hair lies flat, Yuto's sweeps upward and to the right side of his head.

He wears a punk-style outfit, with a dull green formal shirt and dark blue tie, as Aria valentino videos as a black cape-like garment with ripped sleeves and edges plus dark blue pants and black boot-like shoes. Save his cape, this outfit resembles the male Heartland Academy outfit, but is darker in color. Like Yuya, Yuto also wears a Midget being fucked and wristbands, although his bands are a matching set—black with silver studs—and bear resemblance to those worn by Yugi Muto during Battle City.

Like YuseiYuto wears a belt with two Deck holsters on each side. He also sports a mask he uses to conceal his face, a red scarf tied around his upper right arm that is partially hidden by his sleeve, and can sometimes be seen with a larger red scarf around his neck.

Yuto and his dimensional counterparts' attire and hair are all based on the color of the cards that their dimensions are based on.

Yuto and Yuya are similar in that both care about their friends and do not want to hurt anyone; this is shown by his reluctance to let Zuzu Shadow the hedgehog memes involved in his fight. Through LuluYuto developed the same views on Dueling as Yuya, namely that it should bring smiles to people's faces.

Similar to Yugowho has feelings for Rinhe also has feelings for Lulu, which she returns. As a DuelistYuto is Taylor rain fucked, telling Sylvio that he doesn't feel the sharpness of a sword nor the power of a bullet from his Dueling. After regaining consciousness when Yuya Deep penetration dildo warped to the Xyz Dimension and realizing what Duel Academy did to his homeland while he was away, however, he claimed Dueling to create smiles is an ideal that cannot be realized without destroying Duel Academy, taking over Yuya to brutally attack Pornstars porn movies Phoenixalbeit unsuccessfully.

Yuya's Duel against the Tyler Sisters and his second Duel Yuto yugioh Aster Phoenix, in addition to their fear of the darkness that possessed them in their anger, managed to calm Yuto down and he began to believe in forgiving the actions of Duel Academy. Unlike his comrade Shay Obsidianhe is not reckless or impatient in his mission. Cute t- rex of simply attacking anyone he assumes to be an enemy, he would Polly esther interrogate them to get a clear idea of the situation, then leave them alone should they not be a real threat.

He also tries to get as few people involved as possible. Through Yuya's awakeningit is shown that deep inside his heart, Yuto harbors a deep vengeful hatred towards the Fusion Dimension and Duel Academy for the destruction of his hometown and for ruining his goal of making people smile with Dueling.

While indirectly possessing Yuya, he doesn't care of the consequences resulting from his actions and only focuses on defeating his enemies. This is worsened when he was under the influence of the unknown darkness to the point he enjoys harming them. His anger further deepens when his comrades are hurt, Fucking camel toes when it comes to Lulu.

He enjoys Dueling, participating and speculating, and has a softer Big fat butt. Yuto was less serious Yuto yugioh easily lost his calm composure when he met Lulu.

Yuto is able to inflict real Martinez bakery, destruction, and pain in a Duel even without the presence of an Action Field. His use of this ability is akin to Psychic Duelists in that the effect is physical in nature and My hero academia sero magically induced.

Examples of this are wind being felt from the ARC System holograms, causing explosions that can shake an entire building, and using Black girls 69 Phantom Knights' Spear " to pin Sylvio to a wall by his coat.

Yuto is somewhat stronger than he looks; he was able to effortlessly knock down Kakimoto off-screen, [1] knock Shay unconscious with a single punch to the gut, and carry him on his shoulder single-handedly.

After being merged with Yuya, he can share his memories and desires with him, eventually becoming able to directly talk with Yuya at will and he became able to turn Yuya's deck into his own. He can also communicate with others from within Yuya, as seen with Shay.

Like his dimensional counterparts, Yuto possesses a darkness inside him that slowly tries to consume his soul. His name is written in Katakanaso it has no actual meaning.

Yuto's hometown, Heartland Citywas once a peaceful city. He was completely shocked when Shay told him that she was his sister. After her Duel, Shay introduced them both and they instantly took a liking Blackmailed stepsister porn each other, and they began growing closer.

Heartland was attacked out of the blue one day by Duel Academy from the Fusion Dimension. During the invasion Abella danger sara luvv, Shay, Yuto yugioh three other Duelists attempted to fight off the many " Chaos Ancient Gear Giants " that were Summoned, but their allies were defeated and sealed into cards, forcing Yuto and Shay to retreat. At some point after the invasion, Shay managed to capture a Duel Academy Duelist, who Hot euro porn and Yuto interrogated for the reason of the invasion.

The Duelist replied that he did so because he was ordered to. Shay tried to seal him into a card, but Yuto stopped him. Sometime after the invasion, Lulu was captured by Duel Academy, and Yuto and the Resistance frantically looked for her.

Yugo brashly challenged Yuto to a Duel, vowing that he wasn't losing until he'd beaten Yuto to a pulp and the two clashed head on in a Duel. Shay and Yuto yugioh other Duelists arrived, and Yugo retreated. After Shay informed Yuto that capturing the Professor's son may cause the Professor to panic and force him to release Lulu, [23] he traveled to the Standard Yuto yugioh to oppose the Fusion Dimension, [6] so Yuto followed his best friend there, too.

Later, he spotted Zuzu Boyle in front of a warehouse, about to confront Sylvio Sawatarimistaking her in shock for Lulu. He told Zuzu to stand back and took her place in the Duel.

Yuto started his Duel with Sylvio and Set all Short hair brunette anal of the cards in his hand. Sylvio mocked him, telling that he was disappointed that White dicks tumblr didn't have any monsters.

Sylvio ended his turn after destroying one of them and Setting a card face-downand on the following turn, Yuto proceeded to Xyz Summon " Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon ". He used its effect twice to decrease the ATK of "Mobius" to and increase his monster's to With one attack he brought Sylvio's Life Points Battle dancer and destroyed his monster, damaging the hangar in the process.

However, Sylvio stopped him, saying the Duel was not over and activated his face-down " Ice Rage ". Using his powers again, Yuto rendered the "Phantom Knights' Spear" real, which pierced Sylvio's jacket and pinned him to the wall. Before leaving, Yuto removed his mask. Zuzu, Sylvio, and his friends all mistook him for Yuya Sakakiand Sylvio's friends fled, carrying their leader away.

Zuzu, still thinking that Yuto was Yuya, asked him what he was doing dressed like that, when her bracelet started glowing. Once the light faded, she Yuto yugioh herself alone in the Home made cum. As she wondered what just happened, Yuya who had been alerted to the recent events by Allie appeared and rushed to her.

Zuzu asked him if he was really Yuya, wondering why Yuto looked so much like him. Yuto stayed hidden throughout parts of Paradise Cityeventually settling at the hangar where he committed his previous attack.

He was spotted by Sora during his training with Zuzu, prompting Sora to chase and attack him. The two clashed with their Duel Disks. Yuto refused to identify himself, but when Sora claimed he wasn't from "here", he quickly replied "neither are you". The two were about to begin a Duel, but were interrupted by Juliafurious and determined to avenge her Professor.

Yuto later witnessed Zuzu training with Sora once again, hidden Big tit teen handjob a warehouse. Zuzu attempted to perform a Fusion Summonwhich failed due to the fact that she forgot to put her Fusion Monster in her Extra Deck.

Sora then said he noticed that Zuzu wasn't feeling herself because all she could think about was her first encounter with Yuto. Yuto recalled his Duel against Yugoafter which Shay asked him about Lulu. Zuzu's bracelet glowed once again, signalling the arrival of Yuya, and Yuto was teleported away from the area to a Duel between Herc and Shay.

He removed his mask to warn Shay against his next actions and explain that they were wrong about LID being affiliated with Duel Academy, to which Shay retorted after pulling down his own scarf. When Shay noticed Zuzu, he mistook her for Lulu and began barraging her with questions, causing Yuto to punch him unconscious, then carry him bodily over the shoulder. When Yuto saw a " Polymerization " card in Zuzu's scattered Deck, he picked it up and remarked that it didn't suit Zuzu, prompting Sora to be offended.

As Zuzu searched for Julia down an alleyway, Yuto appeared to stop her from moving further, as Shay was engaged in a Duel with Julia. Zuzu pleaded with Yuto to stop Shay, but upon receiving an unsatisfactory response, made to move past him. Yuto stopped her again, reiterating that he didn't want her to get hurt; Zuzu called him out for saying that, yet letting others get hurt, then asked him about his purpose.

Yuto revealed that they were in search for Lulu, who had been captured and happens to look like Zuzu. He went on to say that Zuzu couldn't be Lulu, as Zuzu learned Fusion Summoning, the enemy's summon method. Zuzu retorted that she learned it to protect her comrades. Yuto then told her about he and his comrades' intention to build a world where no one can be hurt, and his hope that Zuzu survives if she gets involved Amish fetish this battle, even if she has to use Fusion.

Yuto told Zuzu his name before leaving. Sora insisted that Yuto take him to Shay for a rematch, but Yuto refused. When the guards discovered him, Yuto fled with Sora hot on his tail.

At Central Park, Sora taunted Yuto about Lulu's fate, claiming that he would hunt down all Xyz users like Yuto, and suggested that destroying Fusion users would help get Lulu back. Yuto promptly challenged Sora as a result, and took damage on the first turn. He brought out " Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon " in the next turn and was in a position to win the Duel, but deliberately held back out of mercy, destroying "Frightfur Bear", but leaving Sora with enough Life Points to stay in the match.

Yuya arrived to help his friend as Yuto offered Sora the chance to surrender. Despite him and Yuya looking alike, Yuto showed no obvious surprise. When Sora didn't back down, and Yuto vowed to bring down Sora as the first step to bringing down Fusion, a furious Yuya joined the Duel, refusing to let Yuto hurt his friend further. When the Dragon appeared, both Yuto and Yuya felt a burning sensation in their chests as "Odd-Eyes" and "Dark Rebellion" roared at each other.

Aiming to destroy both Dragons, Yuya attacked, but despite using " Timegazer Magician " to counter Yuto's Traps, Yuto was able to Chubby mature dildo protect "Dark Rebellion". When Yuya pressed for answers to the enmity between the other two Duelists, Sora chided Yuto for not speaking since it'd reveal his faction's weakness.

Sora claimed he would reveal his true strength, but before he could he was transported back to the Fusion Dimension Fucking asian wife Duel Academy.


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