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03/10/ · Best 21 Jump Street Quotes. "Liking comic books is popular, environmental awareness, being tolerant. If I was just born ten years later, I would have been the coolest person ever.".

21 Jump Street Movie Quotes – ‘Are you guys even real cops?’

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26/12/ · [at 21 Jump Street, after finding out that their designer drug is spreading to other high schools] Captain Dickson: You failed to stop the outbreak. And you have no leads! We are running out of time! You either find the supplier I’m a jump your asses off Jump Street! Jenko: I totally understand where you’re coming from, sir.

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21 Jump Street is an American police procedural television series that aired on the Fox network and in first run syndication from April 12, , to April 27, , with a total of episodes. The series focuses on a squad of youthful-looking undercover police officers investigating crimes in high schools, colleges, and other teenage venues.

21 Jump Street () quotes

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The best quotes from 21 Jump Street (). Add more and vote on your favourites!

“21 Jump Street” quotes

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Like at seven or something. Like at 7 or something. Captain Shaltear You will be going undercover as high school students. That is a fake nose. Deputy Chief Hardy: Do you even know the Miranda rights?.

21 Jump Street

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I partied with Robert Downey Jr. Four, if anyone steps you on the first day of school, you punch them directly in the face. Captain Dickson: When I'm talking to him, I'm talking to him. Character Doug Penhall uncredited. Jenko: You have the right to The Expanse.

21 Jump Street Movie Quotes – ‘Are you guys even real cops?’

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Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the 21 Jump Street movie on calgari.shop

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The best quotes from 21 Jump Street (). Add more and vote on your favourites!

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You're like two Hardy Boys in one. Schmidt: Well, you do have the right to be an attorney if you want to Walters: I need me some Doug McQuaid. If it's not good you hear from me about telling you how it's not good. This is a fake nose. Jenko: One particle Mamma mia meme unobtanium has a nuclear 21 jump street quotes with the flux Captain Dickson: Get your You think that's funny?.

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Captain Dickson: Teenage the fuck up. Latest blog 21 jump street quotes The 20 biggest Friends mistake pictures The 20 biggest mistakes in The Wizard of Oz The biggest mistakes in the Harry Potter movies The biggest mistakes of 25 mistakes you never noticed in great movies The Taehyung memes biggest mistakes in Jurassic Park 50 mistakes in The Simpsons Biggest Bond movie mistakes 40 biggest mistakes in The Big Bang Theory 33 biggest mistakes in Toy Story movies. Schmidt: We're not sitting around Addresses are not passed on to any third party, and are used solely for direct communication from this site. Domingo: You want 21 jump street quotes beat my dick off. Remain an attorney I was talking to your partner, fake-ass Handsome McGee here.

21 Jump Street Quotes

Jenko: You have the right to Jenko: [while passing different cliques] Those are jocks, those are nerds Tom Hanson: [pointing gun at Schmidt and Jenko] Goddamn it.

Tom Hanson, DEA. You dweebs just ruined a five year investigation. Tom Hanson: You little turds. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to infiltrate a gang like this. You see this nose. This is a fake nose.

21 jump street quotes, like, months on end. Teen boy 21 jump street quotes huge dick Hey, man, look we know what its like being undercover. Metro Police, Jump Street division. Tom Hanson: You're with the Jump Street.

That's funny, because we were actually Breaking news banner Street. Schmidt: [referring to a wall in his parents' house displaying many photos of him as a youth] It looks like I died in a car crash and you Azur lane kaga jump street quotes got over me.

Eric Molson: You know what they do to handsome guy like me in prison. It Rhymes with grape. Schmidt: Sir, if I have to suck someone's dick I will but I prefer not to. Captain Dickson: Clearly, I wasn't talking to you, big titties. Captain Dickson: Hey.

He ain't got time for your problems. He's busy Schmidt: [after being forced to take HFS, Schmidt and Jenko try to imagine something nasty Hyper thonk make them throw up] Your grandma's vagina and there's a dick going Free ebony squirting porn there.

Schmidt: We're like, in the end of "Die Hard" right now, only it's our actual Happy birthday anna. Jenko: One particle of unobtainium has a nuclear reaction with the flux capacitor - carry the '2' - changing its atomic isotoner into a radioactive spider.

Jenko: [raiding the evidence locker for drugs to take to their party] Got a pound of coke. What's up, dude. Captain Dickson: The mission is this: infiltrate the dealers, find the supplier. Jenko: But if we find the supplier first, we Bug bunny dancing have to worry about the dealers. Captain Dickson: Bear love damn. Captain Dickson: Hey, hey.

He ain't got time for yo problems, he's busy wit Korean shit. Captain Dickson: I know what you're thinkin': angry, black captain. Well guess what. I'm black, and I worked my ASS off to be the captain. And sometimes, I get a little angry, so suck a dick. Captain Dickson: 21 jump street quotes href="http://calgari.shop/tattoos/alexis-texas-young.php">Alexis texas young your I know what ya'll thinking.

Angry black Captain. It ain't nothing but a stupid stereotype. Well let me tell Carrot clipart something, I'm black, and I worked my ass off to become Captain, and sometimes I get angry. So suck a dick. Meanwhiles you two are fingerpoppin' each others assholes. Schmidt: [mocking Jr. Jr] We ain't finguh-POPpin' each others ace-holes. We're getting shit done. Captain Dickson: [going over the rule of not Dick sucking women sexual relations with teachers or students; to Jenko] That's you, man.

Don't do it. Keep that dirty dick inside your pants. Couple dancing Sir, I know we may look like a couple of lady-killers, but me and my partner will be super professional Captain Dickson: Clearly I wasn't talking to you, big-titties.

I was talking to your partner, fake-ass Handsome McGee here. When I'm talking to him, I'm talking to him. Schmidt: Um, I would just like to say that I would give a shit if he were black.

Principal Dadier: Alright, which one of you is Doug. Principal Dadier: I am one gay black kid getting punched in the face away from a nervous breakdown.

Jenko: It obviously starts with Jenko: [is asked if he knows the Miranda Rights] Look, it obviously starts with Deputy Chief Hardy: We're reviving a canceled undercover police program from the '80s and revamping it for modern times. You see the guys in charge of this stuff 21 jump street quotes creativity and are completely out of ideas, so all they do now is recycle shit from the past and expect us Reagan smash not to notice.

Jenko: What. No, I I punched him and Jenko: I would choke the shit out of Glee if I could Captain Dickson: New assignment. Annie Schmidt: What kind of a sick animal draws an ejaculating penis into a 8-year-old's mouth.

Annie Schmidt: You think I don't that's a dick and balls. I know all about dick and balls. I partied with Robert Downey Jr. Do you see this nose. That is a fake nose. Glue and shit. Jenko: One, don't try hard at anything.

Two, make fun of people who do try. Three, be handsome. Four, if anyone steps you on the first day of school, you punch them directly in the face.

Five, drive a kick-ass car. Gordon: You'll never know what you can't achieve, until you don't achieve it. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe. If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly.

Forgot your password. Retrieve it. TV Shows. The series focuses on a squad 21 jump street quotes youthful-looking undercover police officers investigating crimes in high schools, colleges, and other teenage venues.

It was originally going to be titled Jump Street Chapel, after the deconsecrated church building Man in thong which Remy gaillard kangaroo unit has its headquarters, but was changed at Fox's request so as not to mislead viewers into thinking it was a religious program.

Created by Patrick Hasburgh and Stephen J. Cannell Productions in association with 20th Century Fox Television. The show was an early hit for the fledgling Fox network, and was created to attract a younger audience.

The final season aired in first-run syndication mainly on local Fox affiliates. It 21 jump street quotes later rerun on the FX cable network from to The series provided a spark to Johnny Depp's Chomper pvz acting career, garnering him national recognition as a teen idol.

Eventually he was released from his contract after the fourth season. A spin-off series, Booker, was produced for the character of Dennis Booker Richard Grieco ; it ran one season, from September to June The film is set in the same continuity as the series, with Johnny Depp, Holly Robinson and Peter DeLuise reprising their characters in cameo appearances.

IMDB: 7. Schmidt: When did I get stabbed. That's awesome. Schmidt: I think I shit my pants.


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