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4/20/ · If you recall, Itachi threw up blood into his hands and this hand was the same one which touched Sasuke's forehead. Zetsu, though musing, said it was weird to see Itachi in such a state when Itachi threw up. The forehead poke action, though, appears to draw connections to the earlier of Itachi and Sasuke's childhood.

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Itachi’s final head-poke before his death helped realised him that Sasuke had grown up, he was more than ready for the stimulus from the external world and also capable pf protecting reassured Itachi for the final time before he passed hence there was no reason for him to do it while being an Edo-Tensei,he was already aware of his growth and needed no further reassurance.

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12/25/ · Itachi forehead poke. The blood was probably from itachis eyes therefore resulting in a possible transfer of visual based jutsu. Sasuke uchiha anime and itachi kep. He was sasukes drive the one who was behind sasukes path downfall and everything that made sasuke who he was.

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He brought his two fingers and lightly poke her forehead. The Uchiha-Forehead-Poke. He let his fingers stay on her forehead for moments while gazing at her. He knew that poke would end her wild thoughts. It did. She was taken back. Hinata closed her eyes and her head jerked backward due to shock. Her reaction was just like mine when Itachi did that to me.

why did Itachi poke Sasuke's when he died?

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And do you know what that means. Its was a symbol. My guess would be: He poked him with no deep meaning, but simply touching his younger brother for the last time before he will die.

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The poke was something he did only to him, something especially for him. While Itachi wants to spend some time with his brother, he has important duties to fulfill. Are new coronavirus strains cause for concern. Erika Lv 4. Ninjitsu Ninja said:. Remember when Sasuke can't breathe fire. Leptirica causes storms in China.

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The forehead poke, always followed by “maybe next time”, was what Itachi did whenever Sasuke wanted to play with him but he didn’t have the time, and you can see its meaning just by looking at it: The arm that separates them indicates some sort of barrier (physical or otherwise) between them, while the two fingers symbolize an emotional connection that extends past this barrier.

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First of all, you claim “Itachi’s forehead poke is not about putting distance” but you then say “ Of course this poke mean “sorry, not now” and so puts distance”, which is a contradiction. Sasuke himself says in chapter “When you were alive you would always run away from me by poking my forehead and saying ‘Forgive me’.

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It's possible. He usually as far as I know would poke him when Sasuke would want him to play wiht him or train. Welcome to the Itachi forehead poke. Manifesting, and giving him his "true" power. Itachi's blood went into Sasuke's eye. JavaScript is disabled. Amazon shuts New Jersey facility after virus spike.

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Poking Sasuke on the Itachi forehead poke was what Itachi saw as a brotherly thing esepcially since Sasuke always responded to the poke. But I want to. You are using an out of date browser. Itachi letting Sasuke know that he's still not strong enough and that he needs to get stronger. I mean, it was a bit nostalgic seeing Itachi poke Sasuke's forehead. Log in. Doing it in his dieing moments was just so Sasuke could remember his brother as he used to be. I kind of think that when Itachi pokes Sasuke's forehead, it's his way of showing affection. Zetsu, though musing, said it was weird to see Itachi in such a state when Itachi threw up.

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Instead of taking Sasuke's eyes out or die trying, he just poked Sasuke. What he apoligizing to Sasuke for killing the clan or something I mean, it was a bit nostalgic seeing Itachi poke Sasuke's forehead. I kind of think Itachi forehead poke when Itachi pokes Sasuke's forehead, it's his Itachi forehead poke of showing affection.

Itachi forehead poke Girl sucking big tits he poked him, I though Itachi was apoligizing for putting Sasuke through all that Itachi knew that he was beaten,and Sasuke had proved that he was stronger then Itachi.

Itachi had recognized that,and remembered how things were before he killed his own clan with the help from Madara ,in a way he was apologizing,and at the same time acting as a brother. Itachi isn't the best person at showing affection he used the poke to show it. Itachi isn't evil, in case you probably did not comprehend, unhappy, huh.

My guess would be that he poked his forhead because when they were younger, he'd always poke sasuke's forehead before telling him to go away. That would be my guess. Just for old times sake. I'm so sad. EDIT: wow, you're mean. So for him showing his brother ive been protecting you because of what i saw, im sorry, i love you, ill miss you even to say remember love over hate dont let it consume you and im proud of you. Hope it helps though im sure it was explained.

My guess would be: He poked him with no deep meaning, but Itachi forehead poke touching his younger brother for the last time before he will die. Trending News. Mnuchin: Stimulus checks could arrive 'next week'. Chris Christie renews warning about Michael Flynn. Kilauea volcano erupts on Hawaii's Big Island. Amazon shuts New Jersey facility after virus spike. Saints star ejected for punch, takes blame for loss. Elliot Page thanks fans for their 'love Itachi forehead poke support'.

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Here's what's in the new stimulus package. Ariana Grande announces she's engaged. Update: all of your answers suck. Answer Save. Favorite Answer. I thought of it as symbolism. Its was a symbol. Naruto Rocks!!!!. Erika Lv 4. How do you think about the answers. Cute mexican girls You can sign in to vote the answer.

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